Encouragement16 Feb 2006 01:45 pm

As the sound of the childrens laughter echoed through the camp, my heart snapped back to memories of my own days running up these hills. The wonder of topping a hill with a fresh possibility behind each mound, the thought that maybe, just maybe the ghost stories were real. The complete trust that no harm would come.How far gone those good times seem. I have struggled mightily with depression lately. I watch my life passing, as if looking into a snow globe. My legs ache from running injuries, and the strain of added weight. My bank account is bare each day, as I struggle to try to keep up. My spiritual life feels without energy or desire. Angrily, I ask God for the keys to fix these problems. Silently I listen for any response.

Yet still the children play, and the smoke from a nearby fire wafts through the clearing of pines, and in a small corner of my mind, God plants a seed, and that seed grows, watered by the serenity of the scene around. God is a compassionate God.

Jeremiah wrote an entire book of Lamentations. A book of sorrow and pain. The heartache of a nation crushed, enslaved, tortured and killed. Of generations lost. Yet in this small book that details such suffering and pain, hope remains.

Lord, As I face the blackness of this night, remind me that even in the darkest of nights, you are a compassionate and loving guide.

Originally written in March 2005.

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