Evangelism25 Oct 2006 11:23 am

Michael, over at Big Orange Michael has a thoughtful post on who is my neighbor.

Like most people, Michael was quick to help a couple of ladies who might need help, but was more reluctant to help a homeless man who reeked of pot, claiming to need money for gas.

And yet, I felt really covincted yesterday as I thought about. I was more willing to help two women get to their cars safely than I was this guy on the street with his story. I suppose I could have given him some money and had faith he’d use it for what he said he would. But I made a snap judgement about all three people who crossed my path…and whether or not I chose wisely or fairly, I’m not sure about.

I do know that it’s been something on my mind in the hours since the encounter. It takes me back to a sermon I heard a few weeks ago. Our pastor, Michael O’Bannon, asked the hard question–if people around you have to use Google to find out about God, what does this say? See, I believe that part of the walk I’m on is to reflect the love of Christ and God to everyone I encounter on a daily basis. I’d hope after being around me, people wouldn’t need to Google to find out more about God.

Read the whole thing. It really is a home run as to who we help and why, and what we as Christians are commanded to do.

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