Encouragement22 Jan 2007 04:40 pm

Sports Fans are by nature finicky. After all, fan is short for fanatic, and it seems that the last few years the mantra has become “Just Win Baby”. Your team not playing anymore – fire the coach. The college alma mater have a down year. Put the coach on the proverbial hot seat. After all, they are being paid so much money.

That is why it was so refreshing to watch two good guys win the AFC and NFC playoffs this weekend. Both Tony Dungy, and Lovie Smith are African American Coaches, but also they are devoted Christian Men. Tony Dungy buried his 18 year old son last year, and amid the pain and heartache, Coach Dungy lifted the name of Christ by the way he acted, and in his words. Dungy’s first words of thanks after the Colts AFC win were to the Lord for giving them the chance. Wow!

One of the distinctions of a leader, is that his or her shadow changes the places that it passes. The Colts players all talked about their patience and mental toughness, and how much they had learned from Dungy. Lovie Smith’s players showed respect and trust, and desire to fight for the head guy, because they knew he was fighting for them. Bears quarterback Rex Grossman is decried by every sports pundit in the country, but Coach Smith has stuck with him, and that loyalty seems to be evident in the way that the Bears approach their coach.

In a league of prima donna’s and players who take their status as role models lightly, it is good to see the premier game headlined by two good guys, who can speak about patience, respect, trust, and thankfulness.

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