Encouragement21 Feb 2006 09:00 pm

The trumpets blare the first notes of the Olympic Anthem, and my pace quickens. I really enjoy the Olympics, and the Winter Olympics especially. Over the last weeks, I have watched with excitement as young men and women, have strived for Olympic Gold.

As I have watched, several things have stood out to me.

  • In so many events, the difference in Gold, and sixth place is only a fraction of a second.
  • The fervor for which each country cheers its athletes, and takes pride in their accomplishments, has encouraged me.
  • The sportsmanship with which these athletes compete is admirable. For example, in one of the Cross Country Skiing events, the skier who had won Gold in Salt Lake City fell down in the opening, and was back almost 14 seconds. His countrymen moved to the front of the pack, and slowed the pace down, while the rest of the field allowed the skier to pass towards the front.

As I watch these athletes compete, giving their all, I am forced to consider my own efforts. Am I giving my all. Can I work harder to make sure that the flag of my savior is lifted atop the flagpole.

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