Business Thoughts06 Mar 2006 09:47 am

Andrew Fastow is expected to testify today in the trial of Kenneth Lay, and Andrew Fastow. Fastow, is the ex-Enron CFO, who was the architect of the Raptors, and the dubious LJM partnerships. Fastow attempted to funnel millions in illegal profits.

“Fastow might not make the most sympathetic or believable witness because he lined his pockets,” said former prosecutor Kirby Behre, now a partner at Paul Hastings in Washington, noting some believe Fastow’s personality may turn off jurors.

I am curious to see how loudly Fastow sings. I think the Feds were so bent on getting Lay, that they gave Fastow a lighter sentence to sing. Considering what Fastow has confessed to, I wonder if he got off light.

Fastow’s credibility did come under attack late last year after newly unsealed documents in the case showed the former CFO denied being involved in a tax conspiracy with his wife. Despite the earlier denials, his wife, Lea Fastow, later pleaded guilty in the tax case while Andrew pleaded to other charges and agreed to testify against his former bosses.

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