Evangelism25 Oct 2006 11:23 am

Michael, over at Big Orange Michael has a thoughtful post on who is my neighbor.

Like most people, Michael was quick to help a couple of ladies who might need help, but was more reluctant to help a homeless man who reeked of pot, claiming to need money for gas.

And yet, I felt really covincted yesterday as I thought about. I was more willing to help two women get to their cars safely than I was this guy on the street with his story. I suppose I could have given him some money and had faith he’d use it for what he said he would. But I made a snap judgement about all three people who crossed my path…and whether or not I chose wisely or fairly, I’m not sure about.

I do know that it’s been something on my mind in the hours since the encounter. It takes me back to a sermon I heard a few weeks ago. Our pastor, Michael O’Bannon, asked the hard question–if people around you have to use Google to find out about God, what does this say? See, I believe that part of the walk I’m on is to reflect the love of Christ and God to everyone I encounter on a daily basis. I’d hope after being around me, people wouldn’t need to Google to find out more about God.

Read the whole thing. It really is a home run as to who we help and why, and what we as Christians are commanded to do.

Evangelism06 Jun 2006 09:12 am

The national media’s spotlight on the date 6-6-06 brings new opportunities for Christians to talk about the significance of that number, as well as the more important significance of a Savior who has died in our place so that we need not fear anything that the devil will throw at us.

While some will celebrate with parties which poke fun at this unique number, let us join the conversation in sharing the number 333: 3 the number of wise men who were led by God to bring gifts to a baby born in a stable. 3, the number of nails which held our Savior to a cross in our place. 3, the day during which Christ rose from the dead.

The antiChrist is real, and his times will come or may already have started. The Christ has come, has suffered and died, and lives with God forever.

Christ, the son of God, he is the one we should be talking about.